led lights vs cfl vs incandescent

Benefits Of LED Lights That Makes Them Preferable Over Traditional Lights

Gone are the days when light bulbs were merely a simple light-emitting bulb, classic in design and structure. Nowadays, lighting systems have taken a new form. The lights are the prime interior factors, with a crucial say in the ambiance of every room. Not just for aesthetics, the evolution of lighting systems has reportedly focused on functionality as well, moving from incandescent lights to Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) to eventually LED lights.

LED, standing for Light Emitting Diodes, is the latest technology in the lighting industry. LED lights are available in many colors, sizes, styles and are offered with a wide variety of fixtures. These lights are a significant upgrade on CFLs and incandescent lights, with many added advantages to different factors. LED lights are also available everywhere, you can visit different retailers or can just shop them online from different LED lights companies of your choice.

led lights vs cfls vs incandescent

General Benefits Of LED Lights

There are macro and micro factors at play when it comes to analyzing the moving trend towards the LED lighting systems. The majority of the LED lights company in India have recommended consumers to prefer them because of the various benefits of LED lights over CFLs and incandescent.

Here are the reasons why it is worth switching to LED lights:

1. Healthy Lighting

LED lights do not release any harmful radiation. The health benefits of led lights are not directly evident but are quite impressive when a person considers the impact on his/her health. The fluorescent light bulbs emitted ultraviolet radiation – through mercury vapor. This is quite harmful when exposed to, for a long period of time. LED lights are a positive shift towards healthy and sustainable lighting options, as there are no such concerns in the case of LED lighting systems.

benfits of led lighting on evironment as they are non toxic

2. Energy Efficient

The energy usage for lighting measures started with the invention of incandescent lights. These lights consumed a lot of electricity and generated evident heat. The improvement over these lights started with CFL lights, using around half the electricity, but taking notable time to warm up and light. This highly questioned the usability of CFL lights in critical areas, such as staircases. The recent and latest development on these lines is the LED lights. These are the most energy-efficient options, using roughly 2-17 watts of electricity (case of the classic LED bulb). This energy consumption is prominently sustainable, even saving up to the construction of 40 power plants (as per US information).

why led lights are better

3. Environmental Aspect

From an environmental aspect, LED lights are the best. These require fewer replacements (lasting 10 times longer than CFL and incandescent lighting) leading to reduced waste generation which is one of the best environmental benefits of LED lights. These do not generate any harmful radiation in the atmosphere and use less energy. Overall, LED lighting is nature’s choice for artificial lighting. Even, LED’s artificial lighting is quite up to mark with the natural lighting, given the CRI context. This is another reason why people should switch to LED lights for their natural and sustainable impact.

environmental benefits of led lights

4. Direction of Lighting

CFL and incandescent lights are known for their wide area of illumination. LED lights were seen as the more decorative lighting alternative, not garnering much focus on the functional part. This is more of a myth than a fact. The wide lighting spread of CFL and incandescent lights are actually the reason behind their dull appearance.

LED lights, usually, follow a unidirectional style. LED light bulbs have beams that illuminate the zone – the beam angles vary for different LED lighting fixtures. There are angles – 15, 30, 45, 60, and even 100 degrees, available in the market. Many light fixture structures that are used for generic illumination use 120 or 180-degree beam angle LED lights. All the angles can be checked on the internet, and you can shop LED lights online as well. It is through this wide range of products that an individual can easily opt for task lighting, ambient lighting, and even accent lighting.

5. Cost Effective

LEDs are quite cost-effective as compared to CFLs, with longer working hours – LED lights to have a lifespan of 25,000 hours whereas CFL and incandescent lights have a lifespan of 8,000 and 1,200 respectively. Relatively, LED lights also face reduced replacement costs. Incandescent led to higher costs with frequent changes, and CFLs became an issue with repairs, costs, and replacements. The durability of LED light bulbs is the core reason behind the cost-effectiveness of this lighting system.

Given the benefits of LED lights, the government is also pushing people to switch to LED lights. There are many subsidies in different programs initiated by the government. The government itself has started the UJALA program, directly promoting the installation of LED lighting for efficient and ample light access to all.

save electricity cost

Health Benefits Of LED Lights

1. No Hand Burns Due To Less Heat Emission

The lights produce very little heat. Unlike the regular Incandescent light bulbs, the LED does not burn the hands, and hence reduces the chances of potential fire hazards, which at times can be fatal.

2. Reduces Headaches & Stress 

LED reduces the harsh flash in sodium lights and reduces eye strain, which is one of the causes of headaches and migraines. Also, if the correct color temperature i.e warm white is used it causes considerably reduces your stress levels too. 

3. Puts A Control On Eye Straining

The flickering of regular lights can usually cause discomfort, strain the eyes, and even headaches, but the LEDs can help in this case. The usual lights, using alternating current can be seen flickering however, LED lights are backed up using direct current, which means no flickering but just the constant light.

4. Not So Irritating

These lights do not create any buzzing sound which as traditional lights make. The regular fluorescent lights can generate a consistent humming or buzzing noise, leading to irritability and fatigue. The LED lights, on the other hand, are absolutely silent and illuminate without any distractions.

5. Zero Mercury Level

CFLs or Compact Fluorescent Lamps are comprised of mercury which is ignited by fiber to further produce illumination. Mercury is a lethal substance and is harmful to your health if the bulb or light cracks. Fortuitously, LEDs contain no harmful mercury and thus they are safe to use and also 100% recyclable, thus proving eco-friendly too!

What Fablite Has To Offer?

Fablite is the leading manufacturer of LED lights in India. We have everything connected to LED lighting, from the classic range to interior specified fixtures. We also have a research and development team, a customer service team, and a creative team for your needs and desires.

Fablite offers LED lights in three prime categories – indoor, outdoor, and aluminum profiling. The range includes downlights, spotlights, track lights, street lights, and much more. Click on any of the categories below to explore different products in each:

Fablite has an incredible online presence and service. You can easily order the lights from the official website, or even other e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart. All the deliveries are properly sanitized, and thorough monitoring is conducted to ensure the safety of all the members of Fablite, and our dear consumers.

Lighting Infographics

Here in this infographic, we have summed up the whole article, please feel free to use this infographic for any commercial or non-commercial capacity. If you use the infographics, we require a reference back to Fablite.

led lights vs incandescent lights infographics
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