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Commercial Lighting Guide That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

It is well known that the right lighting can improve the atmosphere of any environment and illuminate the whole space. Optimally illuminating any setting enables optimal functioning, satisfaction and creates an aura that is more task-oriented.

Nowadays, commercial establishments are paying more attention to their lighting designs because well-designed commercial lighting has the power to attract customers, touch their souls, and influence them. It not only elevates brand image but also bonds customers to brands.

From jewellery to clothing to groceries, it helps drive sales. At the various workplaces, it helps by enabling occupants to perform their tasks on a maximum level. Good lighting also contributes to improving operational costs and reducing energy consumption.

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with detailed information about commercial lighting, its fixtures, types, and the do and don’ts for organising at your place.

What Is Commercial Lighting?

Commercial lighting can be defined as the specialized lighting solutions that provide excellent visual comfort, used in commercial spaces (all kinds of businesses) such as modern workplaces, warehouses, distribution centers, healthcare facilities, factories, hospitality institutions, stores, cafes & restaurants, etc.

Public infrastructure lighting like roads and highways and lighting used in government facilities fall under this category of lighting. It is basically designed to handle more abuse (durable), efficiently save energy and has a longer life span. 

What are Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

Commercial lighting fixtures are usually used in business environments such as offices, stores, universities, hospitals, and government buildings, which are not necessarily industrial, manufacturing, or residential.

Lighting fixtures filled every aspect of the commercial sector for decades, from small offices to massive factories to retail outlets. Now, it is almost impossible to imagine an era without them. It has also evolved a lot over time, becoming better and better with each passing year.

LED lighting solutions are currently gaining significant traction in the commercial sector because of their fantastic illuminance and unique IoT benefits. A new-age commercial lighting fixture meets all industry requirements as it is highly durable, cost-effective, and makes use of superior LED technology.

Five Types Of Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED lighting offers a variety of choices in the market. Understanding the types of LEDs can help you make the right choice when deciding on lighting requirements. Here are five types of commercial LED lighting that you should consider.

1. Recessed Troffer Light

The LED recessed troffers, light shines directly down through an opening in the ceiling. These lights replace CFL tubes, and unlike them, the housing is often concealed by the ceiling. Due to its low heat emission, recessed troffer lights are one of the best solutions available.

troffer lights in office

2. Task Light

As the name implies, Task lights are designed to enable workers to accomplish specific tasks. These fixtures are, therefore, a good choice to illuminate workspaces. Another advantage of these lights is that they can be easily installed. They are an effective alternative to Incandescent, CFLs, high-pressure sodium (HPS), high-intensity discharge (HID), and metal halide (MH) lamps.

task lighting in clothing showroom

3. Outdoor Lighting

LEDs are used indoors and outdoors, but in the latter case, they are used to either highlight certain areas of the business or serve as a form of security. Commercial outdoor lights include LED wall packs, floodlights, and LED shoebox lights that serve their specific purpose.

  • The shoebox lights are mounted on poles and used for parking lot lighting or street lights
  • The wall pack mounted light or wall packs are installed along the side of a building to illuminate its exterior or parking spaces
  • The floodlights provide high-intensity light that can illuminate a large area and draw attention to monuments, pathways, or beautiful landscapes

4. Desk Lamps

LED desk lamps are also available these days, which provide even more light and a closer view. These lamps are specially designed to prevent eyestrain and backaches caused by overstraining to observe minute details.

5. Track Lighting

Commercial settings can use track lighting for mounting adjustable light fixtures. Since this track is equipped with electrical wiring, it eliminates the need for individual wiring fixtures separately. Most track lighting is installed on walls or ceilings in workspaces and galleries due to their advantage of being easily adjusted.

track lighting in clothing showroom

What Is The Purpose Of This Lighting?

This lighting system’s primary objective and purpose are to optimize the overall environment for maximum return on investment. Lighting solutions for commercial spaces can be installed for various purposes, such as:

  • To improve employee productivity and performance
  • Establishing a welcoming environment for clients and customers
  • Transforming business spaces smoothly
  • Optimizing efficiency while reducing energy costs in the process
  • For utilizing other natural sources of light like the sun

Do’s & Don’ts In Commercial LED Lighting

The following do’s and don’ts will acquaint you with the basics and help you make the right choice before you plan your lighting system:


  • Create an environment with lighting

It is important for setting up an environment that has a certain color combination and intensity of lighting. For instance, if you aim to create a cozy, laid-back atmosphere in your business facility, you can use warm white or ultra warm lighting.

  • Attract people with the appropriate lighting

In most commercial settings, customers are drawn to products by their visual appeal. Sellers can use lighting to highlight certain products as visuals are more attractive to customers.

  • Make sure your lighting is decorative

It’s equally important to make sure all your lighting equipment looks good when it’s turned off as well as when it’s on.

  • Make use of flexible lighting

The lighting system in your place should be flexible enough to adapt to any changes in the floor plan.

  • Consider various options

There are many choices of retail lighting today, including LED tubes, spotlights, filaments, and much more. It would help if you weighed the pros and cons of all the options available to you before deciding which is suitable for your business.

create ambiance with commercial lighting


  • Avoid overdoing it

With vibrant colors of lighting, there is a great temptation to overdo it; however, too much use of these sources can make your place seem cluttered and out of balance.

  •  Be sure not to miss any area

When people plan their commercial lighting, they often forget some areas. That’s why it is recommended to use LED lights with high CRI so that you don’t have to worry about your commercial place looking dull if you fail to light any part.

  • Task lighting shouldn’t be overlooked

Whether it’s an office or other workplace, they shouldn’t ignore the importance of task lighting since it’s crucial for people to perform their tasks effectively.

  • Be sure to install a dimmer

If you want your lighting to be effective, you should add a dimmer to every light. Dimmer will enable you to control the brightness of lights, which can immediately enhance the ambiance in your place.

  • Avoid using the same intensity of light everywhere

Make sure you use different lighting levels in your place so that customers can find your products easily. Emphasize the features of your entrance since this is the only feature most people look at when entering.


With the advancement of technology and growing awareness, commercial spaces have started focusing more on commercial lighting products, their designs, and suitability, considering all these factors. 

Furthermore, there is continuous innovation in this category of the lighting market that can reduce energy bills and help businesses. The commercial space lighting is imperative, which is why Fablite helps you plan the best fixtures for your space.

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