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Welcome to Fablite – The Fastest Growing LED Lights Company in India

When the famous band Coldplay said, “Lights will guide you home,” we felt it. Lights bring vibrance, direction, and clarity in every place and situation. Our modern LED lights follow the same principles.

About Fablite

The brand is the child of Sunshine Lighting, a well-set company distributing lighting products and fixtures. Fablite was established in 2019 with a contemporary vision of promoting the best quality LED lights. Since its inception, Fablite has grown rapidly as one of the leading LED lights company in India. It operates all over India from the heart of the capital city of the country. The very roots of Fablite lie in Asia’s largest electrical market, Chandni Chowk, Delhi. 

led lights manufacturers in india

Product Line of Fablite

Being one of the fastest-growing LED lights company in India, Fablite is devoted to producing prime-quality LED lights that upgrade your lighting experience. The brand’s Research and Development Team ritually relies on cutting-edge technology to bring forth nothing but the best and the latest. The team members focus on every aspect of an LED light, from robustness to durability. The bulbs are developed to withstand power fluctuations and sturdy weather. Fablite’s LED lights last much longer than the classic incandescent light bulbs.

The most attractive feature of Fablite’s LED lights is that they are energy efficient. All the products of the brand provide at least 70 percent energy savings “. Our product manufacturing team duly focuses on discovering eco-friendly technologies. Climate change is factual, and it is our collective responsibility to manage this escalating situation. Being an organization based in India, we understand the temperature and the climate of the country. Our LED lights are customized accordingly. The foremost aim of Fablite is to bring positive changes in India’s lighting and modern decor industry through all our products.

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Three Main Categories Of LED Lights By Fablite

Indoor LED Lights

Indoor lighting refers to the different lighting used within the interiors of a closed space. Examples include backlighting – strip lighting on the borders of an artwork or a wall frame. Indoor LED Lights have an immense impact on the mood of the people and the vibe of the area. LED lights are great for indoor lighting ideas.

Fablite presents the following indoor lighting products:

Outdoor LED Lights

As the name suggests, outdoor lighting refers to lighting for the open areas/the interiors. Outdoor LED lights are slightly trickier than indoor lighting as there are more elements to consider. 

All of Fablite’s lighting products meet at an intersection of functionality and design. Fablite offers a divergent set of outdoor lighting options as well. The outdoor LED lights have ample brightness and lucrative effects.

The products for outdoor lighting are:

Aluminum Profile Lighting

LED Aluminum profile lights are usually used for interior lighting and design. Profile lights play with the alteration of light and shadow, creating illusions of widened space. Fablite uses aluminum for profile lighting as it does not overheat and adequately disperses the heat. The linear surface lights shifts emphasis towards certain elements and uplifts the aesthetics of the room. Fablite offers profile lighting options for entire houses and offices that remodel the place.


All three categories of products have exceptional designs. Our most loved designs are:

  • Prime COB LED Hanging Lights: In the shape of sleek sticks, these lights are great for emphasis on kitchen platforms, home bars, and exquisite art and craft pieces.
  • Damroo Shaped Up & Down Lights: A replica of the traditional damroo, these modern lights add a touch of heritage in lounges, living rooms, and personal spaces.
  • Prime 3-in-1 Spot LED Track Lights: Smart, effective 3-in-1 LED lights with warm mood lighting options and a stylish supporting fixture.

Fablite’s research and development team senses the Indian needs and combines them with the most pleasing composition and make-up.

What Are The Services Offered By Fablite?

Alongside providing quality products, Fablite offers consultation and guidance. There is a visionary team available at Fablite to assist you in answering all kinds of questions, a few examples being:

  • What kind of lighting would be the best fit for space?
  • Which fixtures can be paired with different lights?
  • Which LED light bulbs would be best for a particular room?

Fablite understands that, sometimes, it gets a little perplexing to make the right choice. Our team of creative designers and consultants is here at your disposal. They are experts on the interior setting, exterior decor, and environmental design. All your desires, wants, and needs are noted, and accordingly, a lighting plan is devised for you.

Our team has worked on many projects, from private residential properties to retail businesses. We even designed and executed a lighting framework for a gym and a luxurious beauty salon. 

Fablite also extends services for fixtures and adjustments. Our Customer Service Team appraises the customer as the king. Our clients have always applauded us for our team’s prompt replies and immediate resources. Fablite does not leave you behind and stands strong with you throughout.

Where Can You Find Fablite?

Fablite is available to all the customers (PAN India) on our official website: www.fablite.in. The customers can also place their orders through different platforms: Amazon, Flipkart, Instagram, Facebook. All the platforms are active, delivering around 400+ orders per month.

All the platforms offer the same products. Fablite has markedly highlighted the quality of products and services, as our core motto is to have happy and satisfied customers. And, being the fastest growing LED lights company in India, we continually add the most sustainable and modernized technology to our products.

Lighting Infographics

Here in this infographic, we have summed up the whole article, please feel free to use this infographic for any commercial or non-commercial capacity. If you use the infographics, we require a reference back to Fablite.

led lights manufacturers in india infographic

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