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9 Best Restaurant & Cafe Lighting Ideas

Lighting is the key element to a restaurant’s ambiance. These days, restaurants and cafes lighting prefer modern fixtures into their spaces. It not only helps them to create the perfect ambiance for diners but also plays an important role in brand building.

With this understanding, you will choose lighting that best suits your space and creates the right mood for all your clients. Keep this outline in mind when choosing a lighting theme for your restaurant, bar, or brewery; your choice should be perfect to impress and delight your customers.

Best Restaurants & Cafes Lighting Ideas

Lighting can be critical to how a person feels in space and whether they come back to your store based on how pleasant the experience was. Here we are sharing impeccable lighting ideas that will enhance the ambiance and appeal of any restaurant.

If you want to make your restaurant or cafe attractive to the customers, you need to know what kind of lights you can use to style it better. Here are some of the outstanding restaurant & cafe lighting ideas that you can consider for your place:

1. Pendant Lights Above Tables

Pendant lights are lights that hang from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or rod. A great advantage of hanging lighting fixtures is by using them as general/ambient lighting or accent lighting. When used in multiples, they can create general lighting, or when used individually, they can be used for accent lighting.

use of hanging lights in restaurants
hangings spotlights over the dining table

2. Chandelier For Elegance

Chandeliers typically create a sense of elegance and sophistication, ideal for upscale restaurants and high-end bars. Chandeliers use multiple light bulbs to be used for accent or general lighting, depending on their size.

Choose large LED bulbs that make a statement in your restaurant or bulbs designed for smaller lighting. Light bulbs don’t even have to look decorative to create a desired lighting effect. Using standard incandescent bulbs LED with the right color temperature is needed to create the desired effect.

3. Recessed Lighting For Mood Settings

Recessed lighting, also known as can lighting, is a lighting fixture installed in a hollow opening in the ceiling and illuminates entire rooms. A great advantage of recessed lighting is that any light bulb can be used; the most popular choice for restaurants, bars, and breweries is LED recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting can also usually be dimmed, making it ideal for mood settings. You can dim or brighten the lights as per the restaurant’s theme or Cafe for the specific day.

4. Track Lighting To Highlight Best Features

Track lighting is a lighting fixture in which smaller lights or bulbs are attached to a long track, which is then attached to the ceiling. Track lighting fixtures highlight the best features of an area and serve as a form of accent lighting. They are great for restaurants, bars, and breweries because their position can be changed throughout the day.

track lighting in cafes

LED neon light ropes are perfect for exterior building applications such as architectural perimeter lighting and roof framing. They can also be used indoors for cove, bar, and other decorative lighting purposes. The flexible silicone lights emit a uniform line of white or colored illumination and are shatterproof.

5. Create Visually Inspiring Design Elements

Use LED light strips to colorfully illuminate coving, shelving, bars, storefronts, and more. With their self-adhesive backing, LED strip lights are easy to install. They are available in various shades of white and a single color, color-changing RGB, RGB plus white (RGBW), and tunable white. Using RGB, RGBW, or single color strips, you can create any color imaginable and control the color change mode, speed, and intensity with a compatible controller and remote. 

6. Let Your Tables Make The Invitations

Why bother with a real candle at each table when you can use a long-lasting LED candlelight? This set includes a LED tea light, a frosted ceramic candle holder, and handheld remote control. The remote control allows you to choose the color, dynamic or static color mode, and timer settings if you need them. Each color can be set to constant or realistic flicker mode. Also, try warm white decorative bulbs or silver-tipped bulbs in table lamps.

7. Illumination

This is one of the happening cafe lighting ideas that many successful restaurants have adopted. By focusing on special artwork, ornaments, or objects, the combination of accent and ambient lighting works wonders. If you have a creative approach to lighting your restaurant, choose LED lighting fixtures to create the perfect ambiance.

restaurant lighting design

8. Don’t Forget The Outdoors

Your restaurant or cafe lighting can be as good as it is; it’s no good if no one can see your building. Choose everything from the wall, parking lot, and pathway lights for added visibility and security to decorative LED landscape lightings, such as fountain lights and spotlights. You can also beautify your outdoor patio with LED string lights.

Each 21-foot strand comes with 10 unique, decorative LED bulbs of your choice. And don’t forget the LED neon light strings, sign modules, and light strips for outdoor signs and building lighting!

In case you are thinking about revamping the outdoors of your place, check this blog!

9. Natural Lighting

Nothing can surpass natural light. But even the sun can not always be there. Play with temperatures if you want your customers to experience natural light. Choose a warm ambiance when the sun goes down. It will harmonize with dusk and give your restaurant a cozy atmosphere.

natural lighting in coffee shop

What To Consider While Choosing LED Lights For Your Restaurant?

The above restaurant & cafe lighting ideas will give your restaurant the ambiance you want and lead to more restaurant referrals. LED Lighting fixtures are versatile and go well with both modern and contemporary architecture. Also, you should consider these below stated points while choosing LED lights for your restaurant:

  1. The Ambience: What kind of environment or feel do you want for your restaurant?
  2. The Food Menu: What kind of food will you serve to your customers?
  3. The Restaurant Hours: If you are open at night, the lighting will be different from a lunch buffet restaurant
  4. The Interior Design: Your lighting should match the theme of your restaurant
  5. Your Budget: Choose wisely and choose the best at an economical cost


Lighting plays a central role in designing and creating the mood of your cafe or restaurant. So, if you are thinking of hiring a professional lighting designer, you can connect with us anytime. 

When we talk about choosing the right lighting solution, we need to consider many factors and follow the right steps. There are more and less affordable solutions to decorate your restaurant, and you will know which one to choose once the type of restaurant is identified.

Combining the different levels of lighting into a more comprehensive lighting design will help you create an effective, yet impactful, inviting atmosphere and lead the guest into a unique sensory experience.

We hope you found this blog helpful and use these cafe lighting tips to enhance the visual appeal of the same.

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