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Outdoor Wall Lights For House To Lift Its Beauty

Outdoor wall lights for house are an essential part of any home. Not only does it create a beautiful and illuminated atmosphere outside, but it also provides much-needed security. Placed on either side of a door or window or used to break up a solid wall, these outdoor LED lights add a touch of appeal and a sense of modernity to a home.

Where security is an issue, these fancy wall sconces provide the necessary illumination while remaining unobtrusive. They can also be used in conjunction with other outdoor luminaires to provide atmospheric light in outdoor seating areas.

Whether you own a single-family home, a townhome, or a condo, you should pay the same attention to outdoor lighting for the front of the house as you do to your indoor lighting. After all, exterior lighting has so many benefits, such as:

  • It provides more excellent safety in the dark
  • Enables wayfinding (to see how to get from one place to another)
  • Creates a warm welcome when family and guests enter the front door
  • Highlights and adds drama to mesmerizing scenic or architectural features
  • Helps create a comfortable and communal environment
  • Allows for outdoor grilling at night especially useful during seasons 
  • Adds to the curb appeal of the home

What Are The Best Outdoor Wall Lights For A House?

Cylinder Shaped Up & Down Lights

Create your secret garden by installing outdoor wall sconces around the perimeter of your space to create a warm and relaxing light. Choose Cylinder Up & Down Lights that cast light downward and upward to avoid uncomfortable glare and add useful pathway lighting for safety. The sleek design is easy to pair with classic and modern furniture and textures. It’s a great preference for energy-saving and wide-ranging lighting purposes.

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cylinder up down wall lights

Damroo Shaped Shape Up & Down Lights

These up and downlights will not only look stylish but also enhance the positive vibes of your outdoor area. The traditional Damroo shape outdoor wall lights for house will catch the attention of the visitors or guests. Apart from outdoor home decoration, it can be used for bedrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms, stairs, corridors, etc.

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fancy wall up and down lights

K Shape Up & Down Lights

The Modern Design of the lights will enhance the look and feel of the area. This smart light is electrically powered but is ideal for outdoor lighting, especially for parking lots, exterior walls, elevations, etc. It provides a soothing look for white or light walls with its sleek and smart design and a power of 8W LED, which means it is powered by 5W on each side.

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k shaped up down wall lights

Rose Gold Up & Down Lights

Reminiscent of a vase, the Rose Gold up & down luminaire is a stylish product. Unlike a classic LED light, the Rose Gold light makes a design statement for the exterior of your area. It is waterproof and can be used to decorate the outside lounge area. The 1000LM light can be used exclusively to create a warm evening environment. The sconce is not delicate and does not need to be removed in harsh weather. It can thrive in the Indian climate without any additional features or equipment.

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decorative rose gold led up down lights

Single Up And Down Lights

This indoor and outdoor wall light is very easy to mount on the wall and gives a kind of radiant effect on the wall’s surface. With an IP65 rating, these uplights and downlights are both dustproof and waterproof. They also have a safety seal at the back to protect the wiring. In addition, an efficient convection design with a thickened aluminum structure helps to dissipate heat effectively.

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single up down led lights grey body

Triangle LED Up & Down Lights

This sleek, modern, and dynamic design will enhance the overall theme of your outdoor space. The triangular design allows for artistic lighting angles and enhanced esthetics. The Triangle luminaire has an IP61 rating, making it dust resistant. It is easy to maintain, requiring few repairs or upgrades. It is well suited for low-elevation placements, so the effect of lighting angles is properly observed.

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4 watts triangular up and down light

Around The Wall LED Lights

Don’t forget the importance of wall sconces to layer light in your modern outdoor space. Linear or rectangular sconces positioned along a wall or boundary are an easy way to bring visual symmetry to your garden.

Adding wall and path lights that feature clean lines and geometric shapes will enhance the modern design of your garden. Fancy & decorative LED wall lights are one of the best ways to make an outdoor living room feel homey and cozy without obstructing the view.

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fancy wall lights

More Than Three Directional Exterior Wall Lights

Omnidirectional lamps emit their light in all directions: top, sides, and bottom of the bulb. This makes them ideal for floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and chandeliers. Incandescent bulbs are inherently omnidirectional, and for a time, this was the standard to which LED incandescent bulbs were compared. Multi-directional lights includes:

  • Big 4 Way Light: These lights offer bulbs in 4 directions which will look so stylish. The functionality of the luminaire is combined with a blocked aesthetic. It is durable and friendly to the environment. Big Lights are used in raised structures, such as sidewalls.
  • Small 4 Way Light: This tiny cute 4 way light will make your garden or outdoor area so charming and adorable. The design of this light promotes optical glare control. The small lights can also be placed side by side to create a textured pattern.
  • Square 4-Way Lights: Square Four-way Light is a durable, robust, and design-oriented model of the facade light series. The square shape presents an illusory pattern of depth. The Square 4-Way Lights are a good choice for outdoor areas such as the balcony, walls next to the entrance, and garden areas.
  • Six-Way Light: One of the most decorative lights made specifically for outdoor use is the six-way light, an amazing façade light. It is highly efficient and distributes the luminosity on 6 different sides.The long durability, strict exterior, and aluminum coating ensure the safety of the luminaire

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outdoor 4 way wall lights
white body exterior wall small 4 way lights
1 watt 4 four way light square shape
six way light

What Does Fablite Have To Offer?

Like other LED light companies in India, Fablite has outdoor wall lights for houses too & that too with 2 years of warranty but make sure you read our return & refund guidelines before ordering!

Fablite outdoor LED lights are pretty energy-efficient and cost-effective. Even if you are an avid reader who will read all night, it will go with you. They are cost-effective and do not give off harmful radiation or heat.

The features of Fablite lights are:

  • High-Power LED lights
  • Waterproof
  • User friendly
  • Minimalist design 2-year replacement warranty

These features make them the best wall-mounted outdoor lights. Make your garden, deck, outdoor dining area, and other attractions gorgeous with these lights.

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