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9 Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Front Of House That You Should Apply In 2021

Lighting is the prime player when it comes to setting a mood & designing a place. One of the most neglected areas of the house is the outdoors. Every house has different outdoor space, some have swimming pools, working out zones, fancy gardens whereas some have warm small farming units, cute porch & direct entrances. So choosing some amazing & modern outdoor lighting ideas for front of house becomes important.

As the sun sets, the outdoor space in front of your house goes through a transformation. The earlier visible elements fade into the darkness, and you can not witness joy without observing the dear elements you’ve put together.

Be it small or large, outdoor areas need to be visible at all times. Outdoor lighting is responsible for brightening your house from the external side. Artificial outdoor lighting is needed to clearly enjoy and navigate through the outdoors of your house, no matter what time of the day or what season it is. Outdoor LED lights combine with your outdoor decor and enhance its presentation.

These Outdoor Lighting Ideas Will Surely Help You!

Finding outdoor lighting ideas for front of house is not a cakewalk. You have to match your needs, styles, and the logistics of the space, and combine them to re-create an innovative and creative outdoor setting for exterior house uplighting. There are different LED lighting options for your perusal. 

To make your exterior glam up, here are some of the exterior lighting design ideas that won’t drain your bank account:

1. Depth Lighting With Recessed Lights

Recessed Lights are the lights that are, usually, installed in the hollow spaces of the ceiling. The prime purpose of recessed lighting is to enhance the lighting in a natural and modern way, without showing off any lighting fixture. Thus, these lights brighten a space, without actually revealing the source of the light. They add warmth and create a welcoming atmosphere.

recessed downlighting in outdoors

With recessed lights, you can easily enjoy starry lights, without deflecting over to other light sources. It adds a new look to your house, uplifting the overall ambiance of the place & gaining traction.

2. Navigation with Downlights

Downlights are a good choice for outdoor lighting ideas for the front of house from a two-fold perspective. Firstly, these lights cater to safety by lighting the areas of movement in your porch/backyard. These are extremely beneficial in the case of stairs, and significantly reduces the chances of your guests’ tripping on the stairs.

Secondly, LED downlights to provide light in style. These are, unlike regular LED bulbs, flexible in their classic shape & size, complementing the outdoor theme.

3. Enhanced Security With LED Foot Light With Sensor

LED foot light with sensor is a divine advancement of technology. These lights automatically turn up when there is a movement detected within a specified radius. With the built-in sensors, these lights can inform you about any intruders while giving you a clear vision of the steps at night. Furthermore, the light on the steps or around the outdoor, including the garden area can help in easily keeping an eye and give a clear picture in the CCTV, as well.

led foot lights for outdoors

4. Guideways Through Path Lighting

Path lighting is more of a style of lighting. Path lighting is focused on highlighting paths in your outdoors. It is soft lighting, more relied on adding to the mild visibility than increasing the brightness levels.

It is quite lucrative when paths are emerging from within the greens of your outdoors. Path lighting helps to navigate in the garden and the outdoor lounge of your house. Without path-lighting, the aesthetic architecture of your outdoor seating area will lose its charm.

Path Lighting can be installed in many places:

  • Garden Paths
  • Around Fountains
  • Amidst Flower Beds
  • Path to the Pool

The flexibility of path lighting is that you can even create new paths, unsupported by the design of your outdoors. With the use of plants, bushes, trees, or by adding concrete stances, you can add path lighting to pave out new walkways. If you have a simple outdoor area or a cluttered garden, path lighting can resolve the issues & re-organize the structure with minimal alterations.

path lighting in outdoors

5. Brighten The Garden With Spike Garden Lights

Garden Lights are specifically designed to lighten up the gardening space. The outdoor LED lights are an excellent fit for every garden, be it a mini forest or a flower zone. These lights are sleek and can be adjusted everywhere, naturally blending in the flora & fauna of a space.

spike led garden lights

Garden lights are great for gardening as well. If you have kids that like to play and have a touch of entertainment everywhere, you can also go for differently shaped LED lighting -although, nothing beats the classic circle-shaped garden lights. The USP of garden lights is their adjustable light beam.

Fablite’s spike LED garden lights can be rotated up to 360 degrees. Such flexibility helps you to easily rearrange the aesthetics of the garden, as per the need of the occasion. Sometimes you might want to show off your yard whereas, at times, you might want to focus merely on the flowers to add pretty natural elements in your recreational area.

6. Adding Texture With Wall Sconces

Sconces are, foremostly, wall light fixtures that provide ambient lighting to an area. Sconces usually fall under the category of indoor lighting, but these lights can be creatively used for exterior lighting as well. Wall lighting is a smart way of adding light without extra addition of any lighting equipment or arrangement.

Every outdoor setting is placed with the house in the backdrop. The outer walls of the house can be used as an artist’s palette for lighting. Depending on your needs, you can place different wall sconces in such areas.

If you are focused on safety, you must go for bright lighting with larger wall sconces. Given that you only want to add style & luxurious lighting to your outdoors, you can choose modern & designer wall sconces.

Fablite offers a wide range of wall sconces, from the classic COB LED wall light to gripping multi-way wall sconces. There are designer fixtures available as well. Fablite’s damroo shaped LED light is a quite different and popular choice for adding the right touch of style, fanciness, and functionality.

decorative k shape led wall sconces

7. LED Strip Lights

For aesthetically uplifting the front of your house, strip lights are a great choice. Strip LED lights are mini lights joined on a continuous strip for linear & systematic lighting.

Strip Lights are a decorator’s favorite lighting system to play with. Strip lights can be added in different ways:

  • For Staircases
  • Around the trees
  • Within the heightened bushes
  • Around the pool boundary
  • On either side of the entry
  • Added in separate containers like jars/pots/glass bottles

Strip Lights are also an optimal choice for path lighting. Strip lights emit the soft light which can help the guests to navigate through your outdoors during the dark hours.

led strip lights used below steps

8. Spotlighting

Spot LED Lights, as the name suggests, is the lighting that brightens a particular spot. The spot (in-focus) can be any object as per your desire. If you have a signature statue, fountain, or a unique flower in your garden, you must use Spot Lighting to gather the attention of your friends. Not limited to this, wall spotlights have the power to turn ordinary elements into exquisite features. You can read out our previous blog on how LED wall spotlights can be used to illuminate your space perfectly.

9. Let the Lights Help You Hide

If the lights can illuminate and guide your path, their correct placement can also help hide the imperfections. So, if there is any no so perfect area around our area and outside, make sure your lights are focusing on only the best and not expose the imperfections and hide them from the common eyes.

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