staircase lighting design ideas

7 Staircase Lighting Design Ideas

A staircase can be so much more than just a channel between different areas of space. It is the central pod of a place that plays an influential role in creating a perfect ambiance and view. Sophisticated engineering and the artful arrangement of a staircase can add excellence to this functional element of a space. So, proper staircase lighting is also an essential part of interior design. It has come a long way over the centuries and it is no longer viewed as a convenience, but rather a necessity.

Given its importance, you should enhance your staircase with decorative and functional elements – and lighting is a great way to do that. The interior lighting of a staircase is not only for decorative purposes but also serves a real function concerning safety. Proper lighting can help navigate stairs at night or in dimly lit areas.

under stair lighting

Staircase Lighting Design Ideas For Your Home

You can light up your staircase in many ways and styles. But sometimes, your choices may depend on architectural constraints along with personal preferences.

Hence, allow us to share our 7 staircase lighting design ideas to inspire and help you make your staircases shine:

1. Wall Recessed Foot Lights With Sensors

These step lights can detect motion up to 2 meters of its range and provide an appealing experience. These lights come with an automatic switch-off feature that aids in saving electricity.

These footlights with sensors not only increase the safety quotient but also take care of the vibrancy of the space. Linking spaces and people together, this lighting design idea is both functional plus flawless. These recessed lights have a great effect on all types of stairs. Since these lights are recessed into the walls, you can decide how high or low you want them.

foot lights installed in the walls at the side of stairs

2. LED Stair Strip Lighting

Using LED strips is another excellent option for stair lighting. This elaborate and decorative lightning style emphasizes the grandeur of the staircase and the home. When placed on the front of the stair gaits, they can enhance the floating look of these stairs. These LED strips make the staircase look sleek, modern, and simple at the same time. It is a great way to enhance the look of a simple stair and showcase the design and features of a stylish stairway.

strip lighting under the stairs

3. Under Step Lighting

Under-step lighting means placing the light strips beneath the front of the stair steps. This type of lighting is a great way to illuminate the entire stairway. For a dramatic yet elegant change, yellowish lights can be installed on the staircase to make it look like a gleaming pathway. Under-step lighting can make your first choice for treacherously dark nights while keeping the focus on the uniqueness of a stairway design. Its effect can be soft, glare-free illumination on the stair treads where it is needed the most.

4. Ceiling Chandelier For Stairway

The extraordinary ceiling chandelier truly enhances the beauty of a striking stairway. Chandelier lighting has this true cozy vibe that looks absolutely amazing when used in the correct setting. Beautiful light accents from the chandelier add an artistic appeal to the place and highlight the stunning design of the staircase. This combination constitutes an incredible sight that can illuminate the interior of any space.

hanging chandelier lights near staircase

5. Railing Staircase Rope Light

Illuminated handrails can be effortlessly integrated into many different design styles. To maximize its impact, using marble as a textural element to show off a soft floating effect can be a wonderful idea.

For the ultimate dramatic effect and grand opulence, conceal LED rope lights under the railing of a staircase. This lighting style adds warmth, color, and interest to any stark interior. It just doesn’t enhance the simplicity of the design but also provides ample light. This classic yet simple design with adequate lighting can make any staircase look absolutely stunning.

6. Staircase Spotlights

Spotlights are a great way to decorate the stairways and make them a center of attention. This remarkably bold lightning method uses simple staircase lighting and can be incorporated into nearly every style. The fixture is hidden, and the lights are bright enough to light up the entire stair tread. Spotlights look elegant and do an excellent job of highlighting staircase decors such as photo frames, paintings, or wall paint alongside. Staircase SpotLights can be best for those looking for a spectacular but subtle feel along every step.

spotlights at the side of staircase

7. Staircase Wall Mount Lights Near Newels

Moreover, their beautiful design adds a creative touch to the room interiors. Available in many styles and designs, one can find an extensive collection to make a pick of suitable choices.

Staircase wall mount lights near newels do a great job of illuminating the entire stair gait as you ascend the stairs without having to turn on excess lighting. These lights are extremely attractive and give a subtle accent to almost all sorts of staircase designs. The effect of these wall mount lights near the newel posts is similar to adding lanterns along a path, which can be intimate and welcoming.

decorative lights on newel posts


Creating stair treads is easy, but remember to charm up all your steps for a well-lit as well as safe, hazard-free, and aesthetically pleasing staircase design.

We hope this blog post with staircase lighting design ideas, is informative enough to inspire you with offbeat lighting ideas. From timeless chandeliers, railing lights to open-flowing, flawless LED strips, and footlights with sensors, the choices are endless. According to your preferences, you can use these ideas to transform your place into an appealing and cozy space. If you want more creative lighting ideas, contact our Fablite team. We can work together to create a home that resonates with your style, preferences, and personality.

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