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A Complete Guide To LED Aluminum Profile Lighting

Getting pristine LED aluminum lights for your home or showroom could be a heck of a task. Aluminum profile lighting always strikes our mind first when it comes to lighting designs of our homes, showrooms, kitchen, show box lighting, and many more.

With these lights you will run out of fingers to count the applications and designs to be made to create a high-hat atmosphere in an illuminated room with indirect illumination of these lights.

This lighting is the exclusive solution if you desire to install LED strips under the upper counters of your kitchen. You can also use these profiles as illumination at edges in corridor spaces at your home or office space.

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What Is Aluminum Profile Lighting?

Also known to be as LED extrusion, aluminum profile lighting has become quite popular these days. These are kinds of channels that are made from Aluminium which makes them lightweight. 

These lights are housed & designed to protect strip lights that are to be placed inside them. It is a supreme lighting solution for illuminating the dark corners & niches of your house effectively.

Things To Know Before Choosing A Perfect Aluminium Profile Lighting For Your Place

Before choosing these lights for your design make sure to take a note of a few points:

1. Structure Of The Profile

It could be either rectangular, circulator cornered. Just be sure to note the maximum tape width of each channel to ensure it is accordant with the LED tape you are going to use. Almost any LED tape can be compatible with a profile that is good in width and sufficiently deep.

2. Installing Procedure

Every profile comes with a different process of installation. Various profiles like surface mounted, recessed or suspended got their ways to be cut, creased, and installed at the appropriate location.

3. Depth Of The Channel

This factor depends on how deep you need your channel to be, In a scenario where space is limited a less than line profile would go best. Similarly, if you use wide LED tapes, a profile with depth will be required at that place.

How Do You Install LED Aluminum Profile Lighting?

Aluminum profile lights can be cut into any size to fit your exclusive design. These lights give you the ability to protect the LED strip and make it easier to clean if you have lights in the area that can easily collect dirt. 

Steps to follow for installation:

  1. Take the desired profile and insert the cap on one end of the profile
  2. Cover up the top of the profile
  3. Measure and take the marks on the profile before proceeding for cutting to ensure less wastage
  4. Join the LED light connector and strip together
  5. Remove the tap from the LED strip and fix it into the profile without end caps
  6. Attach wired from both ends and test the strip, add the end caps, and ensure a fixture profile

Benefits Of Aluminum Profile Lighting

1. Easy To Clean

They make cleaning effortless, you just need a damp cloth to swiftly wipe the dust and dirt off the profile. The uncomplicated cleaning procedure makes these the best buy for the kitchen.

2. Easy Installation & Changing

The LED supply line can be easily pulled out of the end of the profile. If not, a hole can be made on the back of the profile through which the new LED line can be pulled through. If you need the LED strip to be changed, that will be effortless. 

You just need to pull the old LED strip off the profile and replace it with the new, and that makes them reusable.

3. Multiple Lighting Options

This lighting became hot & trending because of this feature. These profiles can be easily shortened to fit the required length. You can also put numerous profiles together to make the installation as per the design. The strip can be mounted in the profile after it has been placed with screws. Afterward, you only need to clip on the plastic cap.

Where Can You Install Aluminum Profile Light?

1. Wall Lighting & Home Ceiling Lighting

The most appropriate illumination for your walls and false ceiling lightings to strategically highlight the room or the hall. These catch your glimpse at residential places along with your workplace. LED profiles used for ceiling and wall are surface mounted, recessed, and pendant profiles. For wall lighting, you can also check out our blog explaining how you can lighten your home with a wall spotlight.

profile lighting for interiors

2. Get A Professional Look At Your Office With Table Lighting

With a brightened up elite first impression of your office reception table or your cabin table you can crack gentry market deals. For tables, the LED profile does not require a big size, so you can go with a flat size LED aluminum profile light with strip lights.

3. Significant looks for LED Stair Lighting Designs 

Commonly used for malls, auditoriums, and other places where crowd treads the most and illumination is highly required. For staircase lighting, you will require LED strip lights and surface mount stair profile lights with an LED power supply.


Here’s What Fablite Has Got For You!

To meet your needs, Fablite which is an LED profile light manufacturer in Delhi NCR has got these profile lighting fixtures for you to shop online. These are available at quite affordable rates so that you can enhance the visual effects of your place in a budget-friendly way. 

Explore the world of LED lights with Fablite and decorate your place like never before with fancy and innovative LED lights.

Lighting Infographics

Here in this infographic, we have summed up the whole article, please feel free to use this infographic for any commercial or non-commercial capacity. If you use the infographics, we require a reference back to Fablite.

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