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Bedside Reading Lights Wall Mounted: For Those Who Loves To Read At Night

Reading is one of the greatest activities known to mankind. The way words flow out of the pages of the books, and fall onto the wide imagination of the reader – it is quite phenomenal. The most noted reading behaviour is people reading their preferred books, magazines and journals, on their bed, before sleeping.

Reading before bed has many benefits, like a peaceful mindset, reduced screen use and more. Some experts even suggest that reading before sleeping helps one to wake up on time/early in the morning.

A prime factor for reading in the bedroom is the lighting system of the bedroom. If you are reading before sleeping, in your bed, you need to have a good lighting system. A healthy lighting system is one that provides ample brightness so that your eyes do not get strained. It is necessary to take care of your eyes, as they are our windows to the world. Therefore, it is quite crucial to opt for the right reading lights for your bedroom.

wall mounted reading light for bed

Introduction To Bedside Reading Lights Wall Mounted

The most apt selection for the reading lighting system is the bedside reading lights wall mounted. These wall mounted reading lights for bed are not only energy efficient but are also cost-effective. These lights provide the adequate amount of light needed for a smooth reading session, without stressing the eyes. The lights create an ambience of reading, with the right combination of luminous intensity.

best bedside reading light

Features Of Wall Mounted Bedside Reading Lights

These modern wall mounted bedside reading lights have many features. Their features make them a perfect choice for bedroom lighting, not only from the purpose of effortless reading, but also for complimenting the entire experience of reading.

bedside reading lights wall mounted 10 watts

The core features are, as noted in the remarkable reading lights presented by Fablite:

  • Flexible Arms

Flexibility helps the reader to adjust the light whenever needed. If you change a lot of positions, and end up in a space where you feel the light is not enough – then, you need not change your position, you can simply rearrange the arms of these flexible reading lights. This way you can adjust the angles of light, and enjoy your reading.

  • Minimalist Design

Extravagant reading lights have a tendency to draw a lot of attention. When you are reading, you want to focus on the characters and the words of the book. Minimalist fixtures and classy designs will simply add elegance to your room, while providing ample brightness in the background. 

  • Space savers

Since these lights are used on the walls, plenty of space is saved on the sides of the bed. This space can be used aesthetically to place an artwork or can be used as a mini-storage zone.

Wall Mounted Reading light for Bed India white color body

Why To Choose Wall Mounted Reading Lights?

There are many different reading lights available in the market, from reading lamps to wall sconces. The most functional option amongst these are the wall mounted lights for reading. There are many reasons behind this, the primary being the efficiency of wall-mounted lights in providing light in the right direction and area. Wall mounted lights can be set as per the bed-positioning angle of the individual, and thus the light beam falls in the right place.

10 watts flexible reading light for bed

Another advantage of these LED wall mounted bedside reading lights is that they are easy to use. In case you want to know about more benefits of LED lights you can read our previous blog.

Unlike lamps, they do not have to be adjusted with every changed position. They are a blend of accent and ambient lighting, and perfectly light up the reading zone. This will make your reading time a hassle-free experience and you will derive more pleasure out of it.

Bedside reading lights wall mounted are an important component of the aesthetic theme of the room as well. These lights, mostly used in pairs, act as decorative wall sconces as well. Thus, they play multiple roles in the bedroom setting and lighting frame.. Many interior designers and creative professionals use decorative wall mounted lights in space of frames or art-work

This gives them dual advantage of functionally and style. There are many different style themes that can be followed – classic style, modernised look, rustic vibe, minimalist perspective and more. Mostly, people go for medium-sized wall sconces that smoothly fit into the room, you can choose a large wall light if you want to create a bold statement.

bedside reading lights india

Where Should Bedside Wall Lights Be Placed?

An important step is the placing of your reading light, so we have to consider a few factors while positioning them. Here are some of them:

  • Reading Angle
  • Bedside Width & Height
  • Potential Light Beam Angles
  • Proximity To Any Art Work, Frames, etc
  • Proximity To Other Lights

The foremost step is to have a rough estimation of the height of the different elements of your bed, like the bed height, the height of pillows, and your height. This information will help you decide the right height and angle for placing the wall mounted bedside reading lights. It is important to note all these numbers accurately, in order to avoid any lighting issues later.

What Type Of Light Is Best For Reading?

LED lights are the most preferred choice for reading. Many LED light fixtures offer to spotlight. Spotlighting is great for reading as it provides the needed luminesce for the eyes. So, COB bedside reading lights with natural white light are the best for reading as they maintain your focus, unlike warm lighting that relaxes your eyes and makes you dizzy.

If the lights are flexible, then the angles can be adjusted as per your movement. The light beam adjusts accordingly and light never leaves the pages of your lovely book. This ensures a smooth and healthy reading experience for you.

What Fablite Has To Offer?

Like other LED lights company in India, Fablite has readling lights at your disposal – COB Bedside Reading Lights!

Fablite’s reading lamps are quite energy efficient and cost-effective. Even if you are an avid reader, who is going to read all night, it will accompany you. They will not burn a hole in your pocket, and will not disperse any harmful radiations or heat.

The feature of Fablite’s wall mounted reading lights are – 

  • Available in 5 Watts & 10 Watts
  • Available in square & round design
  • 360 degree rotatable
  • User friendly
  • Minimalist design
  • 2 years of replacement warranty

These features combine to make them the best wall-mounted reading lights. Your fiction/non-fiction books are waiting to be completed, buy these wall-mounted reading lights now!

Lighting Infographics

Here in this infographic, we have summed up the whole article, please feel free to use this infographic for any commercial or non-commercial capacity. If you use the infographics, we require a reference back to Fablite.

reading lighting infographics
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