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An Ultimate Guide For Productive Office Lighting

Office lighting not only plays an important role in health and well-being but also directly affects the performance of employees. It has been scientifically proven that the type of lighting in the workplace impacts employees’ work, mood, and overall health. There are many points to consider when you are responsible for choosing and setting up office lighting.

The chosen lighting should neither be too dull/dark nor it should be too harsh, that is why a balance needs to be maintained. It is often recommended that office lighting be synchronized with outdoor lighting as much as possible. Also, depending on the layout of the office space, different types of lights may be required, e.g. ceiling lights, floor lamps, wall lights, etc.

What Lights Should Be Used In An Office?

To improve the productivity level of employees in an office, make sure that proper lighting is there at your workstation without worrying about their eyes health. Here are the three types of lights that you can consider for your office lighting:

1. Reading Lights

In an office, flexible wall-mounted reading lights will help you to read documents and work on a laptop with proper light. It is always an advantage to have a reading light. You can use it whenever you want, and it will install beside your chair, so you don’t need to get up, again and again, to turn it on and off. They also add style and elegance to your office. It can be mounted at any cabin or workstation to feel a premium working environment.

2. Panel Lights

If you want to provide even lighting in your room without using large fixtures that make a big design statement, consider panel lights. These lights feature bulbs that are recessed into the ceiling, so they don’t hang down or take up a lot of space. Panel lights will mount in the false ceiling of your office, and you can style them in different patterns to make your office more interesting. Also, they are one of the most common types of lighting fixtures used in office ceilings.

panel lights in office

3. Color Changing Concealed Lights

With the integrated cooling system, these 3 in 1 concealed lights will amazingly make your simple office cabin a smart look. It allows the user to set up the color temperature of the lights according to requirements. If your office has modern decor, then these lights will complement the interior at its best. Along with that, you will get three colors in one light, so you can change the color temperature according to your mood.

warm lighting in office cabin

Mesmerizing Modern Office Lighting Ideas

When most people think of office lighting, they picture old, washed-out fluorescent tubes. But don’t settle for that solution. Today, many different lighting options can help you create a stylish and practical office.

No matter if you are working in a traditional office or home office, you need proper ambient, accent, & task lighting fixtures. We are sharing some of the exciting lighting ideas with you for your office:

1. Fix A Reading Light On The Wall Of Your Workstation

If you don’t have extra space for a lamp on your desk, you can mount it on the wall. This will help you reduce the clutter on your desk and enjoy your desk with a vase or a plant that will put a smile on your face. This will be your saver all the time, and if you go with a modern design, it will enhance the style of your office.

2. Warm Lighting In Lunch Room

After spending a tiring first half in the office, everyone needs a little break to relax their mind and body. So, it is quite essential to have warm lights in the office’s lunch area or canteen area. The warm lights will help the employees to enjoy their meal and also relaxes their mind and body. They rejuvenate and re-energize the body for the rest of the day.

office lunchroom lighting

3. Color Switching Lights in Head’s Cabin

Boss or any person with a higher post has so many responsibilities, and sometimes he needs to relax his mind to work more productively. Color switchable lights will help him to change the ambiance of his cabin. Suppose if there is a meeting in the cabin, then the lighting can be changed to a different color accordingly like white light which sharpens thinking ability. Also, switching to dim lights for relaxation will help them to regain their energy level.

4. Productive Lighting In Meeting Room

If your space is not blessed with natural light, artificial lighting becomes more important. Installing lights having a color temperature between 5,000K and 7,000K keeps the mind active and reduces the chances of boredom or sleep during the meeting.

These bright lights should support optimal cognition and can enhance the thought processing power of all workers on your team.

white lighting in meetin room

5. Architectural Lighting In Waiting Room

Any architectural lighting helps make a space feel large, open, and airy. These lights are best recommended for waiting areas or reception areas in the office building. It can create a great visual appeal for anyone visiting the office. For a more modern look, you can also use chandeliers, etc., but make sure that they don’t appear to be unprofessional.


6. Recessed Ceiling Lights At Uniform Spacing

There are various corners of the office with shadows or less light which causes multiple issues to the employees. Here, recessed panel lights are one of the best solutions to this problem. Panel lights for the ceiling will ensure adequate and uniform lighting in every corner so that everyone can work comfortably. For visitors and clients, it will be the perfect way to make an impression.

7. Sufficient Lighting At Corners

When you talk about smart lighting, it’s all about playing with the right angles. If you are an architect or a designer who works more with paper and leaves than tech gadgets, then a flood of natural light is a welcome addition. One smart decision you can make is to orient your workspace to the north or south to avoid natural shadows that could hinder you in your workspace.

How Fablite Can Assist You In Setting Up A Perfect Office Lighting?

Fablite offers all their customers, high-end service and quality products with 2 years replacement warranty (read guidelines here). We have a wide range of indoor as well as outdoor LED lights in different styles and designs to make your office attractive and encourage employees to work harder.

With this, we can offer lighting consultation too, that can surely assist you in getting more creative ideas from your employees which can at the end improve the working efficiency.

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