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An Ultimate Guide To LED Surface Mounted Lights

For an effortless living experience, it is imperative to match the proper lighting with the correct interior. A room or a physical space theme can not be spelled out without considering the lighting layout. The angles of lights, the colors, and the brightness – everything matters for creating a holistic delight for the sight. 

Not just a treasure for aesthetics, lights are paramount for clear vision as well. Natural sunlight is not always sufficient for the needs of human beings. In such cases, artificial lighting becomes a necessity. 

One of the most practical and seamless designs in artificial lighting is the surface mounted lights. The LED surface light significantly reduces the operating costs as the LED technology is extremely energy efficient. Furthermore, being pocket-friendly, these lights become a great choice as an all-purpose lighting solution.

What Are LED Surface Mounted Lights?

The surface mounted lights are lights attached, either through static means or a connector, to flat surfaces. The connector can be a rod, chain, or additional fixture. The light is mounted on the ceiling, also known as an LED surface ceiling light. It can be used for either indoor or outdoor lighting, although primarily, they are indoor lights.

Surface lights can be used in the most primal tribal settings. Even in the exposed ceiling, or concrete slabs, mounted surface lights can add vibrance and charm. As per architectural principles of lighting, these lights are best preferred in situations of the low plenum. The plenum is the distance between the structural ceiling and the drop-down ceiling.

The lights are sources of direct illumination. Being so, they are an excellent fit for workstations. Based on the Hawthorne Studies, illumination was a critical factor in increasing workers’ productivity and focus on their work. The surface lights follow the same principles.

classic cabinet surface mount lights

What are some of the features of these LED Surface Mounted Lights?

  • Flexibility 

The design and structure of LED surface ceiling lights are flexible concerning the interior arrangement. These lights are available in numerous shapes and sizes at various LED light brands in India. Therefore, due to its high demand as well as availability, you can buy it according to your choice and function.

  • Easy installation

LED Surface Lights are easy to install without requiring any significant alteration or adjustment. The majority of the lights can be installed with a single-screw procedure. There are no significant permanent marks left on the ceiling due to ceiling mount lights.

  • Cost-effective

These LED lights are easy on the pocket and are durable—the top-quality raw materials used to ensure continuous usage for long hours without interruptions. When you buy LED surface mounted lights, you can compare them to other available options and note the stark difference in cost-effectiveness and price.

  • Energy-efficient

Alongside being cost-friendly, the LED lights use roughly 75% lesser energy than their incandescent counterparts. The mount lights provide comprehensive lighting and avoid the need for multiple lighting options. 

Given so many lucrative features of the surface ceiling lights, they can be used in different approaches, ranging from being a light source of illumination to being an active part of the decor.

LED Surface Mounted Lighting Ideas

The lights can be used in various styles and applications. With creativity and a little tweaking, the lights can become a prime functional and decorative member of space’s interior.

1. Mount Lights as the centerpiece

The modern, sleek design follows the rule of minimal pattern with additional elements. These surface ceiling lights can be used as the focal point of a room. Therefore, for formal settings, ample light is preferred, whereas, for informal background, a cluster of smaller surface lights can be installed. Given its easy installation, you can experiment with different geometrical patterns or abstract patterns. When the lights are off, these trick people into believing that you have a designer ceiling. 

2. Surface Lights as track points

The given lights have a seamless profile. They easily blend in every texture and surface. These lights can be used alongside staircases and shelves, acting as tracking points for reference. These are the cheaper alternatives to spot or track systematic lighting.

3. LED Lights as perceptive lighting

These lights are sleek and do not require a lot of vertical space. In case your rooms are shorter in height, the lights become the ideal choice to induce depth and avoid a cluttered look. If you buy LED lights online, you can find a wide variety of sizes and shapes of mount surface lights.

Other than these, there are the classic ideas of using mount lights for creating study space, a contrast to other mood lightings. You can even opt for different colors of mount lights. If you are confused about what theme to pursue, go for the classic and most popular light products. These lights will automatically uplift your space and re-energize the area. 

Which Are The Popular LED Surface Mounted Lights?

1. Slim LED Surface Panel Light

This slim surface panel light can easily be mounted on flat surfaces, creating an ambient lighting effect. The energy-efficient LED light is ultra-slim and frameless. The perfect fit for a minimalist theme, the Surface Panel light provides 180degree illumination. It can be used in living spaces, for studying or reading. The high-temperature resistant feature of this light supports its usage for long hours.

surface panel lights

2. Classic Cabinet LED Surface Mounted Lights

The classic light is preferably placed near bookshelves, cupboards, washrooms, etc. With a single-screw installation process, these budget-friendly LED surface mounted lights are an optimal choice for blending additional brightness in a physical space. These lights have an integrated cooling structure and optimal for more extended usages.

led surface mounted lights at best price

3. Prime COB LED Surface Light

The premium artistic light is an attention-catcher. The prime COB LED surface light, with an anti-glare reflector, adds elegance and style to the ceilings. The cylindrical-shaped light produces soft ambient lighting and an ornamental theme.

cob led surface light


At Fablite, we provide a wide range of LED lighting options. Our versatile collection is here to cater to all your aesthetic desires and practical requirements.

All the products are manufactured with the best quality of raw material sourced from around the world. Our products are sturdy, capable of withstanding the switching Indian weather. With updated technology, our lights can manage fluctuating currents as well. 

With so many benefits on hand, these lights come out shining as a winning option for brightening your homes and living spaces. The energy-valued, cost-friendly LED lights are a game-changer and must be given a chance to lighten up the places around you.

Lighting Infographics

Here in this infographic, we have summed up the whole article, please feel free to use this infographic for any commercial or non-commercial capacity. If you use the infographics, we require a reference back to Fablite

led surface mounted lights infographics
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